There are a lot of globals in JS land:

Many of these globals have verbose / unusual names meaning you won’t enounter them when writing your application code.

But there are a handful of sneaky ones.

annoying globals

  • close: () => void

    fits nicely into React components as an event handler

  • closed: boolean

  • status: string

    if your using a union of string literals with name status, comparisions in code will still be valid against window.status

  • name: never

    problematic as never is compatible with every type

  • length: number
  • origin: string
  • event: Event | undefined

    not too big of an issue in React land because React.ChangeEvent isn’t compatible.

the fix: eslint

"no-restricted-globals": [

What if I want to use one of those globals?

Don’t worry, you can access the property from window and the lint rule won’t complain. e.g. window.status