So there are parser generators like Yacc, Bison, and friends, and there are also handwritten parsers.

How often are parser generators used in mainstream languages compared to handwritten ones?

After looking through some languages/implementations, I found 9/26 used generated parsers, with the remaining 17/26 using handwritten parsers.

Language Parser Type
Bash Generated
C# (Mono) Generated
C, C++, ObjC (Clang) Handwritten
C, C++, ObjC (GCC) Handwritten
CPython Handwritten
Clojure Handwritten
Elixir Generated
Erlang Generated
F# Generated
Go Handwritten
Haskell Generated
Java Handwritten
JavaScript (V8) Handwritten
Kotlin Handwritten
Lua Handwritten
OCaml Generated
PHP Handwritten
Perl5 Generated
Perl6 Handwritten
PyPy Handwritten
Ruby Generated
Rust Handwritten
Scala Handwritten
Swift Handwritten
TypeScript Handwritten
Zsh Handwritten